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7.5 Billion Dollar Aid Package For Pakistan. Kind Of Makes You Think, Huh?

U.S. President Barack Obama has signed into law a $7.5 billion aid package for Pakistan.
You would think this new Government would be looking after its own before spending huge amounts of dollars on other countries. But hey! Who am I, we have enough problems of our own here in Canada. Just thought I would throw in my two cents.

Events Going On Here In Port Loring 3rd/4th/ & 5th. Have Fun

Well haven’t bee on here the past few days, just been busy.  Old vegetable garden is growing great this year and think I might have some fresh broccoli within two weeks, so that is exceptionally good for this area. Tomatoes are all out in full bloom, so won’t be long for them either and gotta’ say, I can’t wait as I sure enjoy fresh tomatoes.  My lovely wife does up around forty jars a year for winter.  Also very healthy for you, especially if you mix them with fresh broccoli.  This morning I got most of the garden hoed up and looking good.

We also got a lot going on here in Port Loring this weekend, so figured I would let you take a look.  Info is belowMy favourite is the frog race, but as it says, if you do take part, make sure you bring your very own champion frog.  So should make for an interesting weekend.  Oh and if you can’t read the flyer to well, just click on it and it will open a bit larger for those eyes that are not quite up to snuff.   Hmm………… like mine, come to think of it.  Talk Soon


The Economy Here In Canada

You know for the past few months now all that I have heard is how bad our economy really is.  I for one don’t really think it’s as bad as some would have us believe. Sure we have lost tons of jobs but that isn’t because the economy is bad, it’s happening because we don’t make or do anything for ourselves anymore here in Canada and when other countries get into hard times we feel it.  What we need is to be a lot more self efficient and start looking after ourselves.  Some folks say well that is being selfish, I say it’s not that way at all, as one has to look after themselves before they can help others.  That’s a fact.  I also think the media has every one so paranoid that they don’t know what to do.  If you think back a few years we had a recession and it was worse than the one we are in now.  So what to do?  Well sure save a bit of money for a rainy day and sure pay off them debts, but don’t let it stop you from living a good healthy life.  If everyone starts to hord their money, you can bet no good will become of it.  And remember this, don’t believe everything the Powers That Be is telling you, especially a liberal view on things.  My old Dad always told me, “George you got a mind of your own, you don’t need anyone else doing your thinking for ya.”     My Opinion Only

Mike Harris~Interesting Comment

Mike Harris: Ontario Liberals have spent the province into have-not status
Posted: November 20, 2008, 8:00 AM by Kelly McParland
Full Comment Just Click On The Link Worth The read

Mike Harris: Ontario Liberals have spent the province into have-not status – Full Comment

Port Loring Weather Report Jan. 13/2009

A couple of evening snow showers; otherwise, very cold with clearing. Winds from the NNW at 7 .
Low Tonight -23 °F maybe a bit colder.  Sooooo stay warm and keep them home fires burning. Talk Soon

Cool Morning

Well cool morning here when I got up. Down to 29 degrees. But they say it is going to get warmer as the week goes forward.  Which is ok with me as I burn wood for heat living here in the North.  So far I have burned around a full cord I would think, so it looks like it’s going to be a long season.  Usually we burn around 16 face cords a year to heat this old house of ours.  In my eyes wood heat is the only way to go here in the north, as if one had to pay for oil, gas, or hydro he would for sure have to have a good job, paying good wages.  For us old folks though we make do with what we got and wood is our only way to keep warm for the money we got coming in.  Not complaining mind ya, as my wife and I have been self efficient all our lives, not relying on anyone.  Just the way it is. Have a great day.  Talk Soon