News, Weather & Hunting Times For Port Loring Saturday, December 03 2011

Good morning.  Well cool morning out there, woke up to temperatures of 22 degrees.  The old barometer today was rising and now slowly falling. Sitting at the moment at 29:50 in Hg. Winds are from the south coming in at 16 MPH.  For the hunters out there the old weather stick says the best times will be from 2:54 PM – 1:54 PM.  Temperature is going to reach 38 °f and then later on tonight drop to 23 °f.  The moon will Rise: 12:54 PM and Set: 12:49 AM. It will be Overhead: 7:18 PM & Underfoot: 6:58 AM.

Moon Phase for today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 62% percent waxing gibbous 62% Waxing Gibbous.

The sun rose this morning at 7:42 AM and will Set: 4:34 PM  giving us 8 hrs. 52 minutes of daylight today.

News for Port Loring & District

Well not much to report here this morning, did do a bit of Christmas shopping yesterday and my wife and I managed to almost finish it up too, so happy about that.   Well should go got to warm up the old shop for some work I want to do and then enjoy a hot tea or two and see what the rest of the day brings my way.  I find I never really know, as seems that I might have one thing in mind to do, but at the end of the day everything was changed.  Great way live my friends, live each day as it is given to ya. Enjoy your day.


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