Port Loring Weather, News & Hunting Times Thursday, December 01 2011

Good morning.  Hope all is well with you this morning.  Cool temperatures are upon us here today in Port Loring. Temperature is going to reach 36 °f  through out the day and then drop to 23 °f later on tonight.  Barometer is rising and at the moment it is reading 29:32 in Hg.  Should get some sunshine later on today, so will be good for folks to get outside and soak in a bit.  One has to remember, that if one misses out on the sun he or she gets sick and we don’t be needing that.  For the hunters out there the old weather stick says the best times to be out there will be from 12:10 PM – 1:10 PM.   Winds are from the South South East coming in at around 5 MPH.  Pretty calm day out there.  The moon will Rise at 12:10 PM & Set at 11:46 PM. It will be Overhead: 5:54 PM & Underfoot: 5:32 AM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 43% percent waxing crescent 43% Waxing Crescent.

The sun rose this morning at 7:40 AM and will set at 4:35 PM giving us 8 hrs. 55 minutes of daylight.

No news to speak of around town, other than folks had their share of snow shovelling yesterday.  I know I did.  Managed to get my old snow blower running, amazing really as I hardly used it last year and this year gave it one pull and way it went.  Guess it figured it needed some exercise and wanted to get at it.   Getting a wee bit more snow as I type. So guess that is it for this morning.  Stay well my friends and will be back here tomorrow morning.

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