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Great Day

Well got up this morning to some cold temperatures of around 10 with light snow.   Wife is making a tea and we both are looking out. I got to say every window is like a picture living here in the country.  The turnips were a hit last night that I put out yesterday as I think we must have around twenty deer come for a snack.  So that’s good they didn’t go to waste.  Got the shop stove going and house wood furnace going so things are getting warmed up a bit.  One just likes the thick blankets on mornings like this.  But life moves on and the wife and I can’t wait each morning to get into our day.   Egg delivery this morning also so lots going on.  Talk Soon

Port Loring Weather

Well not much going on here weather wise. Snow has stopped and sun has shown itself all day today.  Other than being pretty cold as temperatures got down to minus -6 F last night and only highs of around 10 F today it was a good day.  I will say this though one sure appreciates his nice warm shop through out the day and his house in the evening after work. Talk Soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   5/12 17:59:41  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature:  5.5 F Hi 56.7 F  4/12 13:06    70.2 F Hi 73.8 F  4/12 20:23  
                    Lo -4.7 F  5/12  7:46           Lo 58.5 F  2/12  7:53  
   Humidity:   47 % Hi   81 %  2/12 16:45      29 % Hi   33 %  3/12 17:39  
                    Lo   46 %  5/12 12:56           Lo   28 %  1/12 21:45  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   32 F  1/12 20:00      36 F Hi   41 F  2/12 15:41  
                    Lo   32 F  1/12 20:00           Lo   32 F  2/12  0:08  
Wind Gust:310NW @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:310NW @ 20.1 mph    3/12 21:00  
      Avg:310NW @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:   5 F   Lo: -18 F  3/12 15:22  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.04 in Total:32.87 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Rising at 29.00 in  29.88 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Sunny

Port Loring Weather Forecast

Here is the weather forecast out there tonight highs and lows. Also feel free to visit the weather web site just click on the link on the left where it says Port Loring Weather Station. The forecast is calling for some sun tomorrow so see what happens. Talk Soon

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   3/12 20:14:41
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 17.4 F Hi 58.8 F  2/12 16:51    68.4 F Hi 73.0 F  2/12 16:26
                    Lo  7.3 F  1/12 20:00           Lo 58.5 F  2/12  7:53
   Humidity:   80 % Hi   81 %  2/12 16:45      30 % Hi   33 %  3/12 17:39
                    Lo   59 %  2/12 10:40           Lo   28 %  1/12 21:45
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   32 F  1/12 20:00      36 F Hi   41 F  2/12 15:41
                    Lo   32 F  1/12 20:00           Lo   32 F  2/12  0:08
Wind Gust:010 N @ 10.1 mph    Wind Gust Hi:321NW @ 18.8 mph    3/12 14:06
      Avg:010 N @  8.1 mph      Wind Chill:  -0 F   Lo: -18 F  3/12 15:22
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.00 in Total:32.83 in since  1/ 1  0:00
Barometer: Steady at 28.85 in  29.73 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Sunny

Snow And More Snow

Well decided yesterday not to clean the driveway though we did have around ten inches or so. Reason being it was suppose to have some freezing rain through the night, so thought ahead, that way the rain will fall on the snow and will be able to clean it all up the next day. Worked slick as if I would have cleaned it yesterday it would have been bare and with the ice it would be slippery. Pays to think ahead once and awhile and keep an eye on what the weather is going to be. I never go anywhere unless I make sure the weather is going to be ok and that saves for a lot of grief. I know though some folks have to drive no matter what the weather but knowing what the weather is going to be can help them also. I am lucky here in Port Loring not snow wise as if any one is going to get snow its here in Port Loring. As we get dumped on with any storm that comes across Lake Huron. But as I said in other posts, it doesn’t bother us one bit as we are ready for anything, well pretty well anything.  I also heard that we broke a few records on this fine day with more snow than before.  You know we should bring them scientists up here to the north and maybe they wouldn’t be so gong ho on that Global Warming.  The old earth will do what it wants with out any help from us.  Food for thought.   Only thing we ask is for nice weather over Christmas so folks are kept safe. Talk Soon.

Snowy And Cool

Well  called for a bad storm last night and it looked as if it was heading our way but so far only got about six inches or so.  Could get more as one just don’t really know living here in Port Loring.  We get a lot of storms that come off Lake Huron .  Got the old shop stove going and once the snow ends will get at the driveway cleaning.  Yep winter is here.  Talk Soon.

December 1First Coldest Day So Far

Well you can always tell that we live in the great white north when you wake up to -10 Below 0 F Temperatures.  Which is -23 below, powers that be, scale.  I asked the wife to plug the car in before she came in yesterday and this morning I got to thinking if I plugged the other end in to the shop.  Sure enough the car was plugged in but not where there was power.  Oh well I do make sure it has enough antifreeze in the old girl, not the wife mind ya,  the car,  so it should be ok.  Just that when it’s plugged in it starts a lot easier and things.  Just takes a bit of hydro that’s all.  I could cut back there if it became an issue.   Got the shop stove going and stoked up the furnace in the house and things are warming up in here.  One just don’t like to get out from under the covers on mornings like this. Oh well joys of country living and we love it, keeps one healthy.  Talk soon.

Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well got up to more snow here this morning, I guess we got about six to eight inches of the white stuff. We just love it the wife and I, as we don’t got to go anywhere. Thing about being self efficient, we put enough away to last us all winter if need be and then some. If one really thinks about it you save all way round. The folks in the city could also do what we do and it would save them a bundle, as they wouldn’t be running to the corner store for this and that every day. Just the savings on gas in todays world, is something not to take lightly. But to each their own I guess. Sure looks pretty out there with all the snow hanging from the hug pines. I put out two big bags of suet for the birds and they are just lovin it. Get a lot of Woodpeckers of all kinds and Nuthatches around here and they drop by for a morning meal. Nice to sit here with a tea and look out every day> I don’t know why any one wouldn’t sooner have a life like this, than all the hustle and bustle. Do what you want, when you want and not being told to do this, or do that. It’s possible, one just has to take the right road in life. Well, guess I will go and put a log on the fire, got the shop stove going earlier, so it’s nice and warm in there and ready for me to do some work, if the urge hits. Talk Soon.

Brisk Morning Here In Port Loring

Well I got  to tell ya a feller might have to put on an extra tea-shirt this morning going outside, I know I had to getting the shop stove going. Got down to around 1 Degree old scale last night or I guess I will say it -17 C.  Hmm Now doesn’t 1 degree sound a lot better. That’s what I keep saying all this metric does is fool people into believing things that aren’t true.  Oh well their choice or should say the Powers to be choice as we didn’t have any say in it.  Got to go to town this morning so guess get things in order for the trip.  Talk soon and keep warm.

Almost A Full Moon

Well we almost have a Full Moon out there,  will be here tomorrow.  Walking back from the shop tonight I spotted it up above and with that showing itself it will sure make for a cold night.  Usually one can tell what the months weather will be if he or she takes notes on what the weather is on a full moon.  As what ever it is then that’s what you will pretty well have for the coming month.  So that’s a pretty good  estimate in my eyes.  I have used that way of telling the weather for over 50 years now and well, most the time it’s right,  but you know,  Mother Nature has a way of sending us what ever she wants.  This morning the smoke from the chimney was just hanging in the air and heading towards the ground. One can sure tell when the smoke does that, that it’s going to be a cold day.  Also good way to tell us to put on an extra shirt.   The next full moon is two days before Christmas, the 23rd.  Talk Soon.

Warm Day Here Today

Well not much going on here today. Had a bit of rain last night and early this morning, a few accidents I hear up near HWY 11 next to HWY 522.  Guess that rain must have froze a wee bit.  Nothing worse than freezing rain for driving I have found.  Did some shop work today and that was pretty much my day. Maybe tomorrow I will come upon some things to write about.  Talk Soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753  20/11 20:44:41  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 35.1 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    73.4 F Hi 77.2 F  9/11 19:10  
                    Lo 13.5 F 18/11  7:13           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   77 % Hi   98 % 20/11  6:11      33 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   34 % 17/11 15:28           Lo   32 % 17/11 19:42  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      43 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   34 F 19/11  5:36  
Wind Gust:036NE @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:[email protected] 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:036NE @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  36 F   Lo:   1 F  6/11 23:17  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.08 in Total:32.56 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Steady at 29.18 in  30.06 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Sunny