Get That Tea Pot Dusted Off

Enjoying a cup of tea while reading this article? If so, keep right on drinking. A newly released study has found that drinking tea results in a 37% reduction in breast cancer risk for women under the age of 50, an age in which breast cancer can be particularly virulent. Another recent study has shown that tea drinking reduces risk of endometrial cancer. These results add to the pile of data showing tea is one of the healthiest beverages a person can drink.

Three Items To Help Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a much feared condition, especially in view of the soaring numbers worldwide. What can we do to prevent the contraction of this debilitating ailment? Of course, an overall health-promoting lifestyle and dietary protocol would go a long way. How about three simple steps to incorporate into our daily lives? Three recent studies put forth some suggestions.

Drink Apple Juice

Stay off Cigarettes and Alcohol

Keep the Mind Active

A Bit Of Wisdom From An Elder

We need to get our priorities in a row. A lazy person never has priorities and never plans anything. He
lets circumstances make all his decisions—and believes fate has the final say. Even though he has had a thousand nudges to do a certain thing, he ignores them because it is only himself dreaming again. If we cannot hold onto a plan long enough to do anything about it, then we should write it. Write it so plain that when we read it, we run—we run toward putting into practice what we set out on paper. It is essential to decide the ultimate outcome of our lives.  If we do nothing, then that is a decision. Our lot in life is what we make it, using every delay, every pain, every injustice as fuel to fire our determination. Let the young men and women of this nation remember that idleness leads to poverty.

Weather Forecasting Not Just Left Up To Meteorologists

The effect of changes in the weather on our health is undeniable. Just ask the severe rheumatoid arthritis patient about his or her joint pain during rainy days.  Atmospheric pressure can be felt by those with achy joints or metal implants in their bodies. They can predict the weather better than some network television meteorologists.  How can you be wrong when the atmosphere is in your bones, literally?  And remember; The sun is a person’s most crucial source of vitamin D which we all need to live a healthy life.  So get as much of it as humanly possible this comming summer. Not far off either and I am sure lookin’ forward to it.

Pain Killers Not So Good

Myself  have done without pain killers through out my life  and here is a good example why.

At the end of January the FDA held a public hearing to reconsider the safety of Darvon, a painkiller that has been on the market since 1957. The panel voted 14 to 12 in favor of withdrawing the drug from the market, following in the footsteps of the United Kingdom which banned the drug in 2005 after concluding the benefits of Darvon did not outweigh the serious risks.

Maybe What You Sleep On Should Be Looked At Huh?

Kind of a good reason to hang onto your old mattress, don’t ya think?

Mattresses today aren’t like the ones manufactured forty years ago. Now they come to us manufactured with chemicals that include flame retardants, petroleum based foams, plastics, vinyls, fungicides and pesticides. Most mattresses are made almost entirely of raw ingredients from the petroleum industry.

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