Notes Of Appreciation Darryl

Hello George

You do not know me but I feel I know you.
The reason I feel I know you is due to the fact I have become a big fan of
your column in the Community Voices
Not sure how I started checking it out but I have been enjoying it for some
time now....I am guessing we are a generation apart and as such I did not
experience most of the experiences you describe but I have heard similar
ones from my father. (just this past thanksgiving we had our dinner at the
hunt camp and I watched my dad show my sons where his father had built him a
hobby horse between 2 trees some 60 years could still see the
boards in the trees)
Their is something comforting in listening to stories of yesteryear
Anyhow, I know in life we often fail to recognize people who unknowingly
bring smiles into our lifes... I just wanted to let you know you have a fan
who certainly looks forward to your musings each week
PS: another great one this week about the horses.


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