Notes Of Appreciation Ed

Very much enjoyed. I read your column this morning and have been busy on Google ever since.

I believe that I enjoyed all the same experiences that you had. To add to yours,each fall we would spend Sunday afternoon,there were five children,

gathering beechnuts,hickory,walnuts. etc. Dad would tie a weight onto a light rope and fling it into a tree and then shake. We kids would be holding a tarp to catch the nuts.

Also,each spring we would do the watercress trip and also we gathered the buds from a tree. These buds were then boiled and a salve was made for cuts mostly as we were butchers and cuts were common.This salve had a very quick healing power.But, my problem is that I can not remember the kind of tree we gathered from. I have a feeling it was an Aspen but I am not certain.I am in my eighties so it was a long time ago.Any help would ease my mind.

There is a name that sticks in my mind,at least something like “babaygilan”.In the Bible it speaks of salve being used on the women of Babylon so there may be some connection. My Dad was a self-educated but a well-read man. Perhaps that was his name for it.

And so ,Mr Walters,thank you again for an interesting read.


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