Healthy Eating

As I got older I found different things were starting to happen to the old body. The one thing that bothered me a wee bit was high cholesterol.  I don’t really know why I let it bug me as years ago no one even knew there was such a thing.  But new things come to be in todays world.  I also have found a lot of the doctors today send folks in for tests that aren’t even necessary,  or at least that is my way of looking at things.  If one sneezes today with a cold,  off to to the doctors they go when all they have to do is keep warm, eat right and rest.  Old Doctor a good friend of mine told me one time when I went in for a visit.  “George I can give you an antibiotic and the cold and it will last one week or so. Or I can send you home tell you to eat a bowl of chicken soup a day, rest and keep warm and the cold will last one week or so.  In other words he was telling me the cold will run it’s course and an antibiotic isn’t necessary unless you have an infection. So over the years I have done what he has said and never had a problem.  Just imagine the gas I save now a days not having to run to the doctors all the time. Thing I do today is  I  eat right and get my rest.  On the cholesterol part though I did find a way of naturally lowering mine and it was by eating crushed garlic with one or two meals a day. Not imported garlic though,  one that is grown locally or in my own garden.  I know one would say what about your breath.  I say well it’s either that or not being healthy. One way is just get your wife as in my case to have a piece of garlic too through out the day,  that will fix that problem, also good for her too.  Others, well that’s their problem.  I like to crush a clove or two and then let it set for fifteen minutes or so then eat it with my sandwich or what ever is on the menu at that time.  In six months my cholesterol was back to normal.  Amazing huh? Talk Soon

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