Notes Of Appreciation, Wayne

Enough broken promises George, today is the day to finally tell you how much I enjoy your writing.  Every time I read your column, I always promise myself faithfully,  “One one of these days, I am going to send him a short note to say thanks”. That day is today.

Your words are always interesting, well-written, well-placed and very thoughtful. Observers of humankind are usually good writers – judging from most of the stories you tell, I don’t think much goes by you. Keep em coming.

Coincidentally, I also wrote a column for our local weekly paper  for many years and enjoyed it very much . . . reading your stuff nearly gives me the bug to start writing a column all over again realizing the heavy duty commitment to meet 52 deadlines a year. Have spent the last four decades as reporter-photographer, author, historian, researcher, communications specialist, yada, yada, yada. I am now a full-time historian with a very heavy work load.

Think I’m going to lay down now till the feeling about writing a column goes away.

Keep it up.


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