Almost A Full Moon

Well we almost have a Full Moon out there,  will be here tomorrow.  Walking back from the shop tonight I spotted it up above and with that showing itself it will sure make for a cold night.  Usually one can tell what the months weather will be if he or she takes notes on what the weather is on a full moon.  As what ever it is then that’s what you will pretty well have for the coming month.  So that’s a pretty good  estimate in my eyes.  I have used that way of telling the weather for over 50 years now and well, most the time it’s right,  but you know,  Mother Nature has a way of sending us what ever she wants.  This morning the smoke from the chimney was just hanging in the air and heading towards the ground. One can sure tell when the smoke does that, that it’s going to be a cold day.  Also good way to tell us to put on an extra shirt.   The next full moon is two days before Christmas, the 23rd.  Talk Soon.

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