Column Update For The Nugget

This Saturday in the North Bay Nugget my story is about my younger days on Go Home Lake which is located just off HWY 69 south of Perry Sound.  The folks that raised me along with myself put in a road back to the lake years ago a real job for sure.  The lake actually was named after me, well sort of. The way it came to being was one day Reg and Laura was sitting chatting on what to call the lake now that it was open for folks to see.  “Well said Reg after giving it a lot of thought, one of these days George here will be going back home with his real Dad, so lets call it…. Go Home Lake.  And well, that’s what they did and today if you happen by the lake along  HWY 69 and you  see the sign, you will have a heads up on how it all came about.  So don’t forget pick up a copy of the Saturdays North Bay Nugget. Talk soon.

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