You know this is the only country in the world that I know of that if one cuts taxes folks get to complaining. I guess them folks has got so much money that it doesn’t matter to them.  If you look at Alberta there is no PST at all and hey guess what,  they do pretty well. It would be ok if the money that they got from taxes went to the places that needed it but it doesn’t and never will.  It’s like most all these charity things or sending money to poorer countries.  I bet if one could see the bottom figure of what really ends up getting to the poor countries you would find out about five cents out of ever dollar if that.  This Province is paying so much for tax that it’s getting hard for any one to make ends meat. I could go on here for an hour but for what good it will ever do, well it’s just a waste of time. The Powers to be of the world today has got folks so paranoid that they can’t look after them selves, that if it wasn’t for the Powers to be folks would not exist.  That is wrong, people have look after themselves and one day, remember this one day,  it will not be money that rules this old world it will be brains and being self efficient.  Talk Soon.

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