Eating Last Summers Preserves, We Are.

Well about now I suspect most folks are into their preserves and things, that they have made from their gardens last summer. I know we are and got to say they are pretty tasty. I  know a lot of folks today say, well, I just don’t have time any more to do them up.  I can buy them cheaper in the grocery store and things like that. That’s not the point in reality though, if you grow your own and do up your own preserves and things you are getting pesticide free produce. Also you know what goes into your garden so you get the full benefit of all the minerals and things. Like your own well water, the water that you get in the country from your own well is full of minerals and things that your body loves.  Same as growing your own vegetables.  It doesn’t take much space either.  So for a good healthy way of living why not get your own garden going this coming spring.  I will guarantee you will feel a lot better for it and hey as I keep on saying, you also become a little more self efficient,  in other words you stop relying on other folks and powers to be for help. Can’t beat that huh and how much is your health worth.  With out your health all the money in the world isn’t worth a plug nickel.  My old Dad used to say, being wealthy isn’t determined by how many dollars you have in your pocket. Talk Soon.

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