Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well got up to more snow here this morning, I guess we got about six to eight inches of the white stuff. We just love it the wife and I, as we don’t got to go anywhere. Thing about being self efficient, we put enough away to last us all winter if need be and then some. If one really thinks about it you save all way round. The folks in the city could also do what we do and it would save them a bundle, as they wouldn’t be running to the corner store for this and that every day. Just the savings on gas in todays world, is something not to take lightly. But to each their own I guess. Sure looks pretty out there with all the snow hanging from the hug pines. I put out two big bags of suet for the birds and they are just lovin it. Get a lot of Woodpeckers of all kinds and Nuthatches around here and they drop by for a morning meal. Nice to sit here with a tea and look out every day> I don’t know why any one wouldn’t sooner have a life like this, than all the hustle and bustle. Do what you want, when you want and not being told to do this, or do that. It’s possible, one just has to take the right road in life. Well, guess I will go and put a log on the fire, got the shop stove going earlier, so it’s nice and warm in there and ready for me to do some work, if the urge hits. Talk Soon.

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