December 1First Coldest Day So Far

Well you can always tell that we live in the great white north when you wake up to -10 Below 0 F Temperatures.  Which is -23 below, powers that be, scale.  I asked the wife to plug the car in before she came in yesterday and this morning I got to thinking if I plugged the other end in to the shop.  Sure enough the car was plugged in but not where there was power.  Oh well I do make sure it has enough antifreeze in the old girl, not the wife mind ya,  the car,  so it should be ok.  Just that when it’s plugged in it starts a lot easier and things.  Just takes a bit of hydro that’s all.  I could cut back there if it became an issue.   Got the shop stove going and stoked up the furnace in the house and things are warming up in here.  One just don’t like to get out from under the covers on mornings like this. Oh well joys of country living and we love it, keeps one healthy.  Talk soon.

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