Raw Milk

Now there is an interesting topic, Raw Milk.  I could talk about that all day. You know for years where I was raised on the dairy farm I drank over ten glasses of raw milk a day. I got to tell you there is nothing as tasty as cold raw milk and not only that,  it’s soooooo good for you.  Here in Canada though its been outlawed,  just another law that was brought down the tubes to protect folks,  or so that is what they would like you to believe.  Another thing is that milk of today or should say store bought milk, well I can’t drink one glass, if I do I almost bend over in pain or headin to the bathroom.  Not sure why they call it that,  years ago we called it the out-house,  that was to direct to the point I suspect.  Amazing huh my stomach loves raw milk and won’t tolerate pasteurized milk.  So if one sits down and thinks about that a bit,  it doesn’t take a scientist to tell me that I shouldn’t be drinking store bought milk.  I also think if folks went by their feelings when eating or drinking things,  that they would be a lot better off. Hard to do though in today’s world as there isn’t to much out there to eat any more that’s  pesticide free or not loaded with chemicals.  Well as I said at first,  I could go on here for ever,  but you all know what I am getting at.  Watch what you eat, read labels, ask questions and the best fix would be for us all grow and raise your own.  The more self efficient you become, the better off you will be and in doing so,  you will become so much healthier.  Talk Soon.

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