Snow And More Snow

Well decided yesterday not to clean the driveway though we did have around ten inches or so. Reason being it was suppose to have some freezing rain through the night, so thought ahead, that way the rain will fall on the snow and will be able to clean it all up the next day. Worked slick as if I would have cleaned it yesterday it would have been bare and with the ice it would be slippery. Pays to think ahead once and awhile and keep an eye on what the weather is going to be. I never go anywhere unless I make sure the weather is going to be ok and that saves for a lot of grief. I know though some folks have to drive no matter what the weather but knowing what the weather is going to be can help them also. I am lucky here in Port Loring not snow wise as if any one is going to get snow its here in Port Loring. As we get dumped on with any storm that comes across Lake Huron. But as I said in other posts, it doesn’t bother us one bit as we are ready for anything, well pretty well anything.  I also heard that we broke a few records on this fine day with more snow than before.  You know we should bring them scientists up here to the north and maybe they wouldn’t be so gong ho on that Global Warming.  The old earth will do what it wants with out any help from us.  Food for thought.   Only thing we ask is for nice weather over Christmas so folks are kept safe. Talk Soon.

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