White Oak Hmm

You know a couple years ago I got some white oak figuring it would be a good burning wood. I also have been burning wood for heat a good portion of my life and had in my mind that I pretty well knew all there was to know about types of wood, what is good for burning and what is not.  Well I put about four cords in the basement come the end of August and felt good about it, only to find out that it didn’t burn worth a darn.  Ended up the only way I could get it to burn properly was to split it about four times,  then let it dry for another month.  I thought it was pretty dry as it sat out covered for two year, but I was wrong.  But, hey I learned something and that is to stay with my ash, yellow birch, white birch, red oak and hard maple. I got to say ash and hard maple are on the top of my list for good heating,  through them cold winter days when temperatures dip to around -20 below.  The other problem I had with the white oak,  was messing up my chimney pretty good. After four weeks of burning,  it plugged it in places.  Glad I cleaned it out and will clean it out once more just before Christmas, as I should be done with it by then.  Usually with the hardwoods I only clean my chimney twice a burning season.  Oh well not a big deal.  So if you heed my advice you could save your self a few headaches.  Talk Soon.

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