First Book Is A Success

Thought I would mention here about how my first published book is doing which is called,  One More Story With George Walters. It’s going great.  I got to tell you I would have never believed so many folks were lining up to buy this book.  I honestly have to say it humbles me.  I am sure happy folks are enjoying it.  This book is in reality doing what it was intended. It is there to bring the simple ways of life along with family values back to those that has lost them.  It is a book for all ages and a real easy book to read. It is based on life experiences mostly my own, brought to life through the eyes of a young boy.  Also a few other stories from my Dad and Grandfather.  So thanks again for all your support and help in the publishing of my book, as if it wasn’t for my family of readers it would have never been brought to print. Talk Soon. Oh and my second book is in the works. More words on it  in the coming days.

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