Got Your Garlic Ready To Be Planted?

Well hope you all had a good garden this year and got lots put away for winter. I am thinking this is going to be the way in the coming years, as with the way our food supply is going one has to take a serious look on what he or she is eating these days. One sure fire way of fixing the problem of not having good food for the table is to grow their own.

At any rate on the Garlic department, this is the time of year to plant it. Yep hard to believe but Fall is the time to put it in the ground, just before the freeze.  I plant about ten bulbs each year which makes about two fifteen foot rows. Just buy up some bulbs at the grocery store, take them apart and put one clove in each small hole, about an inch or two deep and about three inches apart. That’s it and come next June you will have some of the best, healthiest vegetable going. Talk Soon

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