Fluorescent Mercury Filled Light Bulbs

Now there is something that the Powers To Be wants us all to switch too.  Well for this old feller it will never happen. The biggest reason is the mercury that is inside the bulbs which is deadly to humans.  I don’t know where these folks get their thinking as it won’t make our world a better place, it will make it a hundred times worse.  If you happen to drop and break a bulb you are in trouble as the mercury is so fine it can be in the air in seconds. Don’t use your vacuum cleaner if you break one to clean it up as it will put the stuff all through the air. Sweep it up the best you can. Where does these bulbs go when they break or wear out.  Yep right to your dump, in the ground, and then into your water and food.   For another reason I don’t like them I don’t like the light they give off.  I enjoy the yellowish look of our old bulbs as it relaxes me. The Fluorescent Bulbs give off a cold feeling.  Talk Soon

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