Cool Morning

Well cool morning here when I got up. Down to 29 degrees. But they say it is going to get warmer as the week goes forward.  Which is ok with me as I burn wood for heat living here in the North.  So far I have burned around a full cord I would think, so it looks like it’s going to be a long season.  Usually we burn around 16 face cords a year to heat this old house of ours.  In my eyes wood heat is the only way to go here in the north, as if one had to pay for oil, gas, or hydro he would for sure have to have a good job, paying good wages.  For us old folks though we make do with what we got and wood is our only way to keep warm for the money we got coming in.  Not complaining mind ya, as my wife and I have been self efficient all our lives, not relying on anyone.  Just the way it is. Have a great day.  Talk Soon

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