Garlic and Colds

Sheesh!  I have been saying this for over thirty years.  And it’s just being looked at today?  Hmmmm.

People who eat raw garlic, just one clove a day, will catch fewer common colds than people who do not. Studies have determined that eating raw garlic as it contains allicin will reduce one’s risk of contracting a cold by approximately 50 percent. I would have to say even more than 50% and it doesn’t just stop there.  Garlic is sooooooooo good for you..  One thing.  Just make sure it is grown here in Canada, or better yet grow your own.  It’s one of the easiest plants to grow.

Watch for my new gardening book coming out this spring. It’s much more than just a gardening book though, one would have to get one to see what I am saying.  Or just ask.

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