Roundup Herbicide, Not Good

I have been saying this for years that what ever we put on the ground, around our plants, it will eventually get into us humans.   We should have never been putting these things on or in our soil.  Just one more reason to start growing your own produce and putting away for winter.  Also don’t forget my new gardening book coming out this spring. It is loaded with items that can help in getting you started in growing your own veggies. Take a look at this article below.  Kind of just says what I have been saying for years.

Roundup is the world`s most popular herbicide used to control weeds all over the planet and is omnipresent in the food chain of animals and humans. Roundup is claimed to have an active ingredient known as glyphosate (G) and said to be safe for humans even though plants are readily killed. In a first of its kind published study,  researchers recently sought to examine the toxicity of four popular G-based herbicide formulations on human placental cells, kidney cells, embryonic cells and neonate umbilical cord cells and surprisingly found total cell death of each of these cells within 24 hours. In other words it is slowly making us humans sick.  Has to be. just common sense should tell us that.

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