Vitamin D, Just One More Reason To Get Working On Your Gardens

Well I been saying this for years.  I also have made it a practice to sit in the sun in front of a window come winter if it is to cold to go  outside.  The benefits are to many to mention.  So just one more reason to get your self out into the garden this coming spring and let that sunshine do its work.  There is nothing more healthy for you than  Mother Nature.   And if you need help this coming spring with getting that garden to growing, pick up a copy of my new Gardening Book, should be in stores around first of May. Take A Look:

Although vitamin D is naturally produced in the body through exposure to direct sunlight, vitamin D deficiency is now common in the U.S. The result can be a host of health ills, including severe conditions such as bone thinning osteoporosis and bone deforming rickets. Although a lack of vitamin D has long been known to weaken both the muscular and the skeletal systems of the human body, little has been known about how vitamin D contributes to muscle power and force — until now. For the first time, scientists have found that vitamin D is important for muscle power and all kinds of health problems.   Hmmm and they are just finding this out now.

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