Organic Gardening??

Organic gardening refers to growing fruits, vegetables, seeds, or grains using only natural means. In other words, no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, or other poisonous chemicals or fertilizers are used in the process of growing food. Instead, the soil is tilled and prepared using gathered mulch, composted manure or food and leaf remains. Also, the plants are sprouted and grown with the aid of sun, water, minerals from compost, companion planting, and your own loving touch. Organically-raised produce is harvested and eaten with the confidence that it is grown naturally and poison-free.  So there you go now you know what Organic is all about and don’t forget my new gardening book which is coming out this spring.  For ordering just leave me a message here on this blog in a comment I will get back at you that is if you let me know where to reach ya.  Talk Soon.

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