Pesticide Exposure To Us And Critters

As I have been saying for years that, links between pesticide exposure and rates of  cancers, hormonal disruption, and immune system disorders in humans are on going, should we heed the warning signs provided by birds and animals, or do we continue to pay the high environmental and social costs of rampant pesticide use? Here are a few thoughts and figures to consider. The benefits of pesticides are often cited in terms of their contribution to world food production, and yet it is estimated that crop losses to pests would increase only 10% if no pesticides were used. Between 1945 and 1989, pesticide use in the U.S.& Canada increased tenfold and yet crop losses doubled from 7-14%. Consider also that all of us, everywhere, are exposed to some pesticide residues in food, water, and the atmosphere every day. Residents of the United States & Canada eat an estimated 2 billion pounds of imported produce tainted with banned pesticides each year.  Kind of makes one think doesn’t it?  The only ones that can stop this craziness is us humans.  Will it happen? Not likely and I kind of think it might be to late.  Just one more reason to grow your own.

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