Warm Weather Brings On Headaches? Crazy Talk

Now here is an article that is right out to lunch.  Take a look.

Higher temperatures not only prompt people to seek shade, but the rising mercury might also bring on headaches, a large-scale study suggests.

Thing is every spring the old blood starts to thin out with the warm weather. Of course it takes time for the old body to adjust.  Also the light is brighter so another reason for a headache to maybe hit a fellow or gal.  So now they come along, the health departments and start telling folks to stay out of the sun.  I gotta tell ya though if you believe that, well I won’t say it.  Just get out there and enjoy the summer weather that old Mother Nature throws at you and have fun. You will be a lot healthier if you do.  Also this is just another way for all them demonstrators that is into this global warming thing.  More fuel for them one might say.  Don’t believe one word of it.  My Opinion Only

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