High Cholesteral Isn’t As Bad as They Would Like You To Think.

I have always said the treating we are doing today for folks with high Cholesteral isn’t the right way to go about it. Cholesteral is a much needed item that we need to survivie. Take a look at this artilce, as always it’s your decision.  My Opinion Only

If you’ve been religiously counting cholesterol grams in an attempt to eliminate it from your diet, you may be startled to hear the main function of cholesterol in the body is not to clog your arteries. The media has propagated cholesterol as a vile substance akin to trans fat, but in reality, it’s not so simple. Cholesterol is not all bad – in fact, it has important functions in a variety of vital processes in your body.

First it should be noted that cholesterol is not a type of fat; it is a high-molecular-weight alcohol made in the liver and other cells in the body. It is not water-soluble and cannot actually be transported freely in the blood. Instead, it is carried in lipoprotein throughout the body so it performs essential duties.

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