Afgan Police Get Fundings From Canada. Can You Believe It?

You know I just can’t understand the thinking in the way we hand out our tax payers money.  Like this article.  Take A Look.

Canada will put $21 million toward the salaries of Afghan police and prison guards over the next two years, it was revealed on Tuesday.

In my eyes this will do nothing to help that country.  What they should be doing is looking after our own country.  We have to learn that it’s a selfish world.  We have to look after ourselves first then we can help others.  We got enough going on here in this country without looking after other countries. This image of peace keepers us Canadians is suppose to have should have never been started in the first place.  Peace keepers, nonsense, should be money giveres and the only reason we hand out money is to make money, but not for the tax payers. My Opinion Only, as  usual.

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