Honeybees Are Disappearing

The first alarm was sounded in autumn 2006. Honeybees are disappearing across the United States and Canada, with half of the States affected and beekeeper losing 30 to 90 percent of colonies; one beekeeper with 1200 colonies expected 9 to survive the winter. The problem began more than two years ago and has intensified in recent months. The bees simply vanish relatively suddenly, with little or no dead adults in or near the colonies, leaving behind the queen and a few young. In cases where the colony appears to be actively collapsing the workforce seems to be made up of young adult bees, insufficient to feed the brood, but are reluctant to consume provided feed. This “colony collapse disorder” (CCD) is particularly devastating for growers of fruits and vegetables, as they depend on insect pollinators.

My theories is that most of these bees are dying because of all the pesticide use that we are using today. Just common sense that if you spray your crops with insecticides, you are going to kill bees too and make them sick. Not to mention what it is doing to us humans who are eating the fruits and vegetables.  My Opinion Only

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