The Cancer Industry Is Big Business

Interesting Words. I am kind of inclined to agree with them too. Take A Look.

The cancer industry is big business at its worst. It recruits patients by telling them the lie that they have no control over whether or not they get cancer. The cancer establishment likes to have people think that cancer is a magical disease that comes out of nowhere and randomly singles them out. It wants everyone to believe there will be no cure for the disease until the drug industry magically finds one. This will never happen because the drug industry benefits from people having cancer, just as the cancer establishment does.

Those who have been diagnosed with cancer say it was the worst moment of their life, not because they were afraid of death, but because of the treatments. A diagnosis of cancer is so terrifying that it strips people physically, mentally and emotionally, leaving them just where the cancer industry wants them. Vulnerable. In a vulnerable state most people will agree to do as they are told.

The cancer industry depends on this vulnerability turning people into patients who think if they do not do as they are told, right away and always, they are doomed. Fear is the mother’s milk of the cancer industry. This is why cancer doctors love to quote statistics that frighten and bewilder. And this is why cancer treatments are so torturous and scary. As long as the cancer industry has people too scared to think straight it has a steady stream of dependable revenue.

More people die from the treatments for cancer than of cancer itself. The treatments destroy the immune system and organs so that people may remain alive for awhile but will never achieve good health again. For them life becomes a constant battle against other diseases and the side effects of the toxic treatments and follow up. Radiation and chemicals cause cancer. They can never cure it.

Cancer really can be prevented and cured

People can prevent cancer and cure it. This has been proven and the scientific case studies are there. Hormonal imbalance, chemicalization, lack of proper nutrition, unhealthy digestive tract, reliance on drugs, too much stress, lack of exercise, and not enough sleep have all been shown to cause cancer. People who choose to address these areas of their lives will be on their way to living long, happy lives that are cancer free.

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