Colorectal Cancer, Don’t Be Fooled

You know here is another item that has gotten way out of hand in my eyes. Today they are suggesting folks to go in for colonoscopies . Thing is even if one does what they say and have these tests the test only shows about half of what it is suppose to, if that in my eyes.  I am no doctor by no means but I am thinking that one should be looking at alternative measures first. Like eating properly and putting good things back into ones body that has been killed off by the things we are eating today. Take a look at this article. Almost says what I am thinking.  My opinion only as usual.

A British research team headed by Professor Donald Maxwell Parkin of Cancer Research UK Centre for Epidemiology, Mathematics, and Statistics in London reports natural approaches involving a healthy lifestyle could slash the rate of on in Great Britain over the next 24 years. And there’s no reason to think the strategies wouldn’t prevent the same cancers in other countries, too.

The new research suggests that changes in diet, exercise, alcohol use, and body weight could cause the rate of colorectal cancer in the U.K. to plummet by over one-fourth. This is a ten percent higher reduction in the number of cancers than would most likely be prevented by a proposed national medical screening.  So use common sense.  Preventative med. is a better way to go than what is out there today.

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