Obama and Seal Hunt.

Typical Democrat, if they  had their way there would be no hunting at all.  I guess it’s ok though for him to go out and buy a steak every night of the week. You would think there is more important things to be doing than taking work away from the working man.  What we do here in Canada is our business. What other countries do in theirs, is their business. Simple as that. Take a look at this article.  My Opinion Only.

U.S. President Barack Obama sees the Canadian seal hunt as “inhumane” and vowed to express his “outrage” during his days as a senator, it was revealed today.

Obama, who has not spoken publicly about the seal hunt since becoming President, vowed in a 2006 letter to animal-rights activists to work with colleagues “to ensure that we take all the necessary steps to express our outrage” with the Canadian government.

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