The new science advisor to President Obama, Hmmmm

Now here is something that I kind of figured might have happened a lot sooner.  Thing is though once these scientists start  playing around like this I would have to say we humans are not long for this world as we see it now.  Mother nature is not to be played with. My Opinion Only, these guys are out to lunch.

Of all the hare-brained ideas about climate change I’ve heard in the last few years, this one takes the grand prize: John Holdren, the new science advisor to President Obama, is actively considering radical geoengineering ideas in order to halt global warming. One such idea now being discussed with the Obama administration involves — get this — launching enormous amounts of pollution particles into Earth’s upper atmosphere to block the sun’s rays and “chill” the planet.First off, there’s the whole idea that intentionally launching pollution into the atmosphere is, by any reckoning, a dangerous ecological experiment that potentially puts the entire Earth ecosystem at risk. Let’s face it, folks: Human beings have proven themselves to be remarkably bad at anticipating the ecological effects of their own actions. The ramifications of such misguided efforts to fight global warming simply cannot be foreseen by any scientist (or group of scientists).On top of that, human scientists have demonstrated themselves to be astonishingly arrogant when it comes to dealing with Mother Nature. The idea that we can save the planet by polluting the atmosphere is reckless at best, and delusional at worst.  I also believe that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to global warming. It’s a natural occurrence which has happened before and will happen again.  Just leave it alone. It is all is about money money money not what is good for us humans or this earth that we live on.

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