Good News For Coffee Drinkers

Well now.  I gotta’ tell you I sure enjoy my afternoon coffee. My wife and I have been having a cup or two every afternoon for a good many years.  Perked coffee though not the instant kind or the kind in them cheap coffee percolator’s. My son bought me a real good percolator for my birthday and we sure are enjoying it.  Has different settings on it for keeping it hot. I sure hate cold coffee.  Also I like it with raw sugar, can’t be beat.  Take a  look at this article.

It’s a pleasant surprise when something questionable turns out to be full of health benefits. First chocolate was found to prevent heart disease. Then red wine was shown to increase overall longevity. Now the spotlight is on coffee. Newly released studies reveal that coffee drinking lowers risk of stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. It even improves social skills and depressive symptoms. Other recent research has shown that drinking coffee reduces the risk of diabetes. Also a cup of coffee contains up to four times as much antioxidant activity as a cup of green tea contains. Myself I don’t care for that green tea.  Some say it’s good I say well……………….to each their own.  Now in saying all this remember one word. Moderation, Moderation, Moderation.

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