Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

Here I put together a few oils one can make to help with colds and flu’s and advice on how to apply them.  Hope they help.

Oregano – One of the most popular essential oils for treating everything from cold and flu to warts, oregano is considered a “hot” oil (it will heat up and tingle) and should be used cautiously. Do not apply to the face or throat without diluting it first with pure olive oil or another fatty oil. If you do get some on your face, dilute with butter or oil, NOT water! Oregano is best applied on the back, shoulders, and the bottoms of the feet.

Lemon – Lemon is great for boosting the immune system from within. Take a drop or two in every glass of water throughout the day, or use in capsules. Lemon is photosensitive so it should not be applied to skin.

Cinnamon – Another hot oil, cinnamon is great for boosting the immune system and has been shown to support the pancreas and digestive system (in medicine, the pancreas/spleen relates to the immune system). Apply on the feet or inhale.

And remember this spring is in the air and my new gardening book is on the shelves, so no reason now for not getting yourself in shape. Have a great summer, I know I am.

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