General Motors & Chrysler Financial Support

Now here is an article that I am inclined to agree with.  I have always said we shouldn’t be giving any bail outs to any companies, banks you name it.  First thing, it isn’t the Powers To Be’s money to begin with.  Second if these workers don’t want to take some pay cuts or help their company in anyway, well then why should we help them.  All this money that we are going to give them isn’t going to help them one bit, all it does is delay the agony.   Also there is a lot of folks out there needing help other than just the big companies and they will  never see one cent.   So……. take a look at this article.  My Opinion Only.
April 16/2009– The Canadian Auto Workers union must reach agreements with Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. to cut wages and benefits before the Canadian government will provide long-term loans to the automakers, the Globe and Mail reported.

Industry Minister Tony Clement told the newspaper that workers at the two companies must accept labor cost cuts of as much as C$19 ($15.74) an hour for their employers to avoid bankruptcy protection.  ” I Am Glad Tony Clement took some action.”

Cuts of that amount are “unreasonable” and aren’t going to be accepted, Canadian Auto Workers President Ken Lewenza told the Globe.   “Well if they are unreasonable, then the bail out is unreasonable too.  Simple as that.”

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