What The Powers That Be, Want You To Belive, And What Is The Truth, Are Two Different Things.

Myself,  I figure that the cures for all diseases, are right there in front of us in plants. I also figure that if our health system really cared for folks, instead of raking in huge profits, our doctors then could do what most of them really want to do.  If we brought our  minds back to the right way of thinking, we would then see that the Earth, is us, and what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. Today though, folks minds have been swayed by religion, politicians, drug companies, banks, well…………… to many to name, and through my eyes they are the cause of all our problems.  It will get worse too, unless we start changing our ways.  But there is some hope as there is a growing movement here in Canada, portraying my way of thinking along with a few others, and I am hoping it keeps on progressing.  Folks are slowly taking off the blinders and opening their eyes.  They are slowly seeing, that all that has been pushed on them by these so called Powers That Be, isn’t the truth. They are slowly seeing, that the earth is all we have and all to look forward to.  They are slowly starting to see, that we have to be self efficient.  They are slowly starting to see that fear is our biggest problem, that our minds have been swayed into worrying about things that will never happen. They are slowly realizing, that you can have a good spiritual life without religion.  They are slowly seeing that fear has to be wiped from our minds. Oh……………… I guess you are getting my meaning, as I could go on here for hours.  All that I am trying to do, is to let folks know, that we have minds of our own, that we don’t be needing to do what ever the Powers That Be tell us all the time. We don’t have to believe in things that you don’t want to believe in.  Once you open your eyes to what  this earth has to offer, it by itself, well then all things will be made  possible. The Creator handed us this way of life, it is still there, it’s just that most folks have abandoned it.  My heaven, as some call it, is right here in front of me and I enjoy it each day to the fullest and my mind is clear.  My Opinion Only

One thought on “What The Powers That Be, Want You To Belive, And What Is The Truth, Are Two Different Things.”

  1. Very nice.
    I could tell you similar story.
    Will you look at meteor shower tonight?
    I read it will be great show.

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