A Few Words & Picures Of Our Weekend At “Books By The Bay” In Callander July 17/2009 Thought I Would Share

Well, Books By The Bay event is over for another year, and I have to say it sure was a pleasure being asked to be their first feature speaker of the year.  It was a great three days and my wife and I enjoyed it immensely, looking forward to next year.  I would also like to take a minute here and thank all those that took part and all those that dropped by and said hello to the wife and I.  Had to be well over a 100 people there at my talk on Friday night.  Also would like to say a special thanks to Suzanne, Owner of Gulliver’s in North Bay for all her help and asking us to be a part of the weekend.  Meant a lot to us.  Also on Saturday night the supper was fantastic, think I gained a few pounds too, no reason for anyone going home hungry, that’s for sure.  Everyone out did themselves that’s for sure.   Pictures below were done up by Jean and Carrie.  Got to say they did a fine job in taking them too.

My Lovely Wife & I At Books By The Bay July 17/2009
Up There Speaking About My Two Books "Join Me In The Garden" & "One More Story" At Books By The Bay, July 17/2009. Great Day.

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