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You know, for over forty years I have dedicated myself to informing folks about different items that comes to mind.  Especially prescription drugs, banks, powers that be and our environment. One thing that I bet most folks don’t realize, is that our environment has really out gotten out of hand.  For example, right now each and every day millions of pounds of pesticides are being dumped right onto your soil.  It’s needed to stop insects and things from taking over our food chain they say.  Well I say that is hog wash.  There is literally hundreds of different things one can do to combat insects from being a problem.  Top on the list is using other insects, as usually where there is one insect, there is another not to far behind him, that is thinking of having him for lunch.  I myself farmed over a 100 acres of fresh fruit and vegetables in my day, and for a good number of years I never sprayed one drop on my crops.  What happened? Well nothing, that’s what happened. Oh sure, I might have lost a few bushels here and there, but bottom line , I ended up with more fruit and veggies than those that used pesticides.  Why do they use them then? Well, simple, the pharmaceutical companies make the pesticides, or most of them, and, well, unfortunately the new minds of today think they are right. What ever they say folks take it as Gospel.    Also the Government should have stayed out of the farming business here in Canada, as they were the main down fall of it all.  Just to many things to name here, but they were, at least through the eyes of this old farmer.   Some day I will explain to ya exactly what the governments or powers that be did to the small time farmer. Thing is folks, the soil is our only source that we can grow our crops and if they keep it up, well  simply put, we are going to starve to death. Also today landfills are filled to the brim and millions of tons are being shipped to third world countries. What do they do with it? Well a lot of it goes directly in the ocean.  Can you believe that. Not bad enough that they are poisoning our farm land, now they have to poison our oceans.  Right now they say there is a  lump of trash that is floating in the water near the North Pole, twice the size of France; it`s about 33 feet deep.  Most folks say, hey, not bothering me any, so why worry.  Well……… I say, there is plenty to worry about. But that is the mentality of a lot of folks today.  What to do? Well there is lots and I shouldn’t have to be the one to tell you either.  But here are a few; do the research, open your eyes, don’t believe everything  that the Powers That Be is telling you, become more self efficient and take the blinders off.  The earth is all we got, we as  humans are earth and I believe we came from it, and we will return to it.  Many people would rather die than think; in fact, most do, and people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination which is why we have the problems we do today. My Opinion Only

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