Weather Tip

Thought I would put up a chart that takes a look at our temperature here in Port Loring Ontario.  The reason for doing this, is so that folks that enjoy the outdoors, will be able to tell what the lows will be at night.  What you do is, look at the chart.  The Green Line shows the Dew Point Temperature. So if you look at that Line the green one, and see what it says for around noon, well… that is what the low will be for the night.  Easy way for you to predict the weather and know when an upcoming frost will be arriving, but lets hope we don’t see that for awhile. But it will let you know if you can turn off that air conditioner that is costing you your hard earned dollars.  Also for more on our weather just scroll down and on the left hand side you will see a Link that will take you to my weather station here in Port Loring.  No Charge. Thought I would share.  With this chart it shows the lows tonight will be around 50 or so.   Take a look.

Click On Thtemp_nowe Image To Enlarge.

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