Beauty Of A Day Here In Port Loring Ontario

Well real beauty of a day here this Sunday. Customers are rolling in, so been quite busy, which is a good thing.   Our Native American Flutes have been selling real well this year, had to actually get to making some more, as sold over half of them and we still got half the summer to go yet.  Also my books are a hot item for us this year and sold more than I can count.  So ya, things are rolling along here today.  Might be as some call it a recession out there, but for us here at our home and small store you would never know it.  Seems folks are drawn to our place, and I believe it’s the old earth that we have to thank for that.  Nature is what it is all about up in this neck of the wood, but then again that is what us  humans are, just some have had their minds swayed into other beliefs and things.  Well guess go and enjoy a coffee, talk soon.

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