No Excuse For Ignorance When It Comes To Natural Medicine

Words That Kind Of Makes A Fellow Or Gal Think.

If you stay informed, you will stay alive!

The biggest killer of people in the next great crisis will be, without question, ignorance of natural medicine. Those who don’t know about these natural cures will literally die of ignorance,  those who understand the incredible healing power of Mother Nature’s Medicine will be far better off.

It’s not only about surviving though it‘s also about being self efficient. When you use Mother Natures medicine to boost your immune system and your body, you then no longer depend on doctors, hospitals and conventional medicine to provide you with medicine. In other words you can do it yourself with the help of natural medicine, simple as that.  What better way for you to have on hand what Mother Nature has to offer sitting in your cupboard.  Bottom line is, you remain independent and self-reliant.

It is this self-reliance that scares the powers that be, who run our world. The last thing they want is us folks taking charge of our own health and refusing to function as slaves to big corporations. My Opinion Only

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