One Great Plant: Mullein

Now here is a wild plant that I have used to make medicine from for years now. It is real easy to grow, first year just leaves, then the tall stalk starts on the second year along with yellow flowers.  It is called Mullein. The leaves and yellow flowers are what I use the most.  For ear aches there is nothing better using the flower petals.  One has to remember though, to make sure your ear drum isn’t perforated, if so don’t use it.  Also, best to have a doc take a look just to make sure.  But if the doc says it isn’t perforated and you want to go natural, well this is the fix. The leaves are great for sore joints and also good for cold sores.

Mullein leaves, stems, and most of the floral parts are covered with short thin bristles that are extreme irritants to the human respiratory tract and conjunctiva. Trying to eat the leaves is really unpleasant ( some insects and perhaps slugs can manage to deal with the little bristles) but they aren’t  good for us humans. For teas and things, these hairs are best strained or filtered. For  therapeutic use, mullein leaves (and stems) should be dried to crispness which I do by laying them out on the picnic table for two days in the sun. I then bring them inside crushing them up and putting them into a masonry jar.  I then cover with extra virgin olive oil and let sit on the counter for two weeks, stirring every other day. Then strain and use externally.  Thing one has to remember though, is to try a small spot on say your wrist and if you don’t get itchy or red you’re in business.  With all herbal medicine remember, don’t use for more than six weeks in a row.  At least that is what I found to be the safest way of dealing with wild plants. Do the research and enjoy! Nothing is better than Mother Nature for curing what ails ya.


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