A Few Things You Can Eat For Those That Are Staring At A Computer All Day At Work

If you feel that you are suffering from eye strain, take a minute to splash your eyes with cold water. Not only will this feel great, it will boost blood supply to your eye muscles, making them feel refreshed. For best eye health, be sure your diet contains sources of Vitamin A. Of all the vitamins, vitamin A is one of the most wonderful for your eyes.  A sample of foods rich in this vitamin are lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, carrots and cabbageVegetables are great! Not to mention how nice they look in your kitchen sitting on the counter! Snack on them throughout your day. Take them to work. No reason for you not to get what is needed, especially this time of year, as fresh home grown veggies are in abundance right now.  Try and buy organic, but still wash thoroughly before eating.  Some say, hey, my eyes are ok, no problem. I say, why wait till you do have problems.  Preventative maintenance is the answer.

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