Folks Are Literaly Dying Because They Won’t Open Their Eyes

You know over the years of watching ones behavior patterns  there is one  thing that I have noticed.  Smart people are literally dying of diseases that are easily prevented by just eating right.  Some doctors are dying from cancer who takes chemotherapy over vitamin D supplements.  Others are literally killing themselves with junk foods which causes diabetes.  Lawyers, Judges Physicist’s, some of the so called smartest folks in the world completely ignore the basics of health.

So how come so many smart people are unaware of good healty eating? That vitamin D prevents cancer and influenza. That aspartame kills your brain cells. That processed meat (beef jerky, bacon, sausage, pepperoni) contains cancer-causing coloring chemicals designed to make the meat look rosy fresh.

Well the answer is, the agriculture companies depend on nutritional ignorance in order to keep selling their processed ingredients to food companies, which then turn around and sell those nutritionally-depleted products to consumers. Media companies depend on the advertising revenues from the promotion of junk foods and junk beverages, and drug companies depend on the revenues from all the diseases caused by the widespread consumption of all those products.

So the fix is that folks have to become aware of what is going on around them.  They have to start seeking out good  foods and not listening to what the so called Powers That Be is telling them.  They have to as I keep on saying: Take back the reins, and take the blinders off.  You either do it or you die and right now a lot are doing just that.  Dying.  What shame.  My Opinion Only. Literally

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