What!!! Anti psychotic Drugs, Darn, What Is This World Coming To.

Just ahead of this article  I have entered one of my stories from my first book, called Style Of A Country School Teacher. Through out the story you will find ways the teachers and parents dealt with young ones back when.  Might say, a drug free approach of dealing with our young ones. Better read it, as I don’t do it very often.

I was asked what my thoughts were on these antipsychotic drugs that these so called Powers That Be say is good for our children.  I say this, administer it to yourself for a  year or so and see what it does to you.   Picture this, some teachers throughout the USA and Canada now, along with a number of other folks telling the world that these meds is  necessary, who are they to do such a thing. No one knows how the brain works, no one, it is an uncharted area which should be allowed to grow drug free all on its own. They say that the children aren’t paying attention in school, that they are disruptive, and it effects other children so they can’t learn.   Again I say this.  Kids are kids and doing exactly what they should be doing.  Sure some might be a bit different than others, but pumping drugs into ones brain sure isn’t the awnser.  Figure this, they are prescribing drugs for  children only four years out of the mothers womb.  Unbelievable. I gotta’ say these drug companies sure have got older  folks brains messed up to be doing this.  It boils all down to this folks, money, money, money.  These drugs that folks take out on the street is a threat they say.  The drugs that doctors prescribe you is fine, some hardley tested at all.  Most of the drugs that doctors prescribe is addicting too, along with hundreds of side effects but that is OK.  Kind of makes you think doesn’t it, well darn it, it should. I figure it this way. I would bet that if 95% of all the prescription drugs, vaccines you name it was never brought to being we would have been a lot better off.  I really believe that  our bodies if had been left alone would have built up immunities to most all diseases as they were doing before these drugs were made.  Folks, if we intelligent humans don’t start to speak out, we will soon be a walking drug company. It has to stop, and soon, so get over your fear and start doing something about it. Sure you will run into a lot of folks that doesn’t agree, but hey, you are entitled to say your peace and you are also able to stop what drugs you are taking, or putting into your children’s bodies, at least for now.  I say this in ending.  If nothing else, take a look at  what is happening, do the research and don’t let these Powers That Be and big companies, fool ya into their way of thinking.  We need doctors, teachers, lawyers, the media and thousands of others to stand up for what is right.  They know what is happening, they surely do, some even took an oath to help folks, just that they have had their words throttled, so they can’t speak up. But it is changing,  more doctors and folks in Power are slowly stepping up to the plate and doing what is right.  Some talk about wars and how bad they are.   Sheesh!!…. I say we are in one right now and problem is, most folks don’t even realize it or don’t want to recognize it. Most drugs doesn’t make you better they makes you need more drugs.  My Opinion Only as usual.

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