Prostate Cancer, Natural Treatment To The Rescue

You know, there are a few items that kind of makes us men sit up and take notice that maybe, just maybe, we should have done a few things differently through out our lives, when it comes to eating properly and things like that.  One is Prostate Cancer.  The good thing is there is alternatives out there for a fellow to try and I suggest you take them in earnest before under going the conventional treatments with chemo, surgery and things like that.  Take a look at this.

A Friend of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer, with a PSA [Prostate Specific Antigen blood test] of 350 [‘normal’ is 4 or less]. After he had decided to do the prostatectomy [cut out the prostate,] I suggested that before the operation, he try rosemary. The regimen was one teaspoon of dried rosemary mixed with applesauce, taken three times per day. He did indeed. Luckily his operation was postponed for some time because the doctor had a conflict. He took the regimen for three weeks.

Before the operation he was scheduled to have a follow-up PSA. The PSA came back at two (2)! They cancelled the operation, thank goodness, and did another biopsy. Came back negative. The doctor attributed this sudden change of results as a ‘lab error’ (both the original PSA, and the original biopsy!).  Anything to say that natural medicine isn’t the way to go.   Rosemary evidently was the primary constituent for his change in status. This was one year ago. He continues the regimen, and his PSA is still two (2)!!  How simple is that.   On another note, good healthy eating is a good prevention in itself too.

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  1. Although PSA screening eradicated advanced prostate cancer from the population, there was a downside.

    According to Welch’s report in August JNCI, one million men were over-diagnosed and over-treated for prostate cancer over the last twenty years.

    Why was PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer, a 20 year failed Medical Experiment ?

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