Ticket For Smoking In Rig, What Is This Country Coming To???

The reason I got out of the farming business a few years ago, as many others, was because of all the rules and new regulations that these so called Powers That Be was bringing into effect. They were just killing us small time farmers of 100 acres or more.  No one can be put to blame more, than them, when it comes to the downfall of our farms here in Ontario and the rest of Canada today.  But this article just goes to prove what I am saying.  Take A Look.

The burning question about precisely where a person can smoke these days is flaring up again in Ontario, where a 48-year-old trucker faces a $305 fine for lighting up on the job: while driving his big rig along Canada’s busiest highway.

The man, who hails from London, Ont., was headed for Windsor when he was pulled over Wednesday along Highway 401 and given a ticket under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

I gotta” tell ya, we all know that smoking isn’t to great for a fellows health or others, but to stop a fellow driving his rig along the HWY, and giving him a ticket for smoking, is just plain down right dumb.  Man, this officer sure must be wanting to make a name for himself, that’s all I can say. These new rookies coming up the tube sure have some growing up to do that’s all I can say.  But…………….. this is only one of many, and today in Canada, well let’s just say.  It’s Par for the course. What a country Canada is becoming, makes me just shake my head.  My Opinion Only.

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